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“Showtime in Tacoma” by Blaine Johnson and Brian Kamens
and “The Alexander Pantages Story” by Babe Lehrer
will be published by Tacoma Historical Society as a unique two-in-one book project in 2017. Read more …

The City of Destiny Newsletter is an occasional journal of Tacoma history and society activities. It has been published since 1992. Original writing about Tacoma history is welcomed.

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The Tacoma Historical Society Press republished Herbert Hunt’s classic 1916 history, Tacoma, Its History and Its Builders; a Half Century of Activity, in 2005.

You can purchase your set at Tacoma Historical Society’s museum at 919 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma.

Aided by a grant from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, the Tacoma Historical Society Press in 2010 published Tacoma’s Twenty-one Tales Every Student Should Be Able to Tell.

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Tacoma's Twenty-One Tales Book

Rising Up from Tacoma’s Twenty-One Disasters and Defeats.” This 50-page book is a sequel to the popular 2010 title “Tacoma’s Twenty-One Tales Every Student Should Be Able to Tell.” Funded by a grant from The Puyallup Tribe of Indians, 1500 copies will be distributed free of charge to Tacoma elementary schools for use as a curriculum supplement.

The book began as a community service project for the students of Seabury Middle School in the fall of 2012. Students selected the topics and completed the initial research. And just as Tacoma has learned to rise from defeats, so has the Tacoma Historical Society - completing five grant proposals over a three-year period before finally receiving funding.

"This summer marks the 75th anniversary of the collapse of the first Narrows Bridge, “Galloping Gertie,” said Bill Baarsma, Tacoma Historical Society president. Studied by engineers around the world, the collapse will be featured in the Society’s fall exhibit “Spanning Tacoma,” scheduled to open in August of 2015.

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Tacoma Historical Society Press welcomes proposals. Contact the society at info@tacomahistory.org or PO Box 1865, Tacoma, WA 98401. Publication under the name of Tacoma Historical Society Press requires advance review by one or more editors approved by the THS board and authorization by the THS board.

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