Board and Staff

Meet the volunteer board members and professional staff who keep our organization running.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Tacoma Historical Society meets at 6:30 pm, typically on the first Tuesday of each month. Members and friends of Tacoma history are invited to attend and share their ideas and comments.


President Dr. William H. Baarsma
Vice-President Dr. Dale R. Wirsing
Secretary Patti Holmgren
Treasurer Deb Freedman
  Owen Atkins
  Kellie Bennett
  Michael Buchanan
  Holland Cohen
  Genie Jefferson
  Rusty Johnson
  Andrew Kouklis
  Kim McDowell
  Brian Skiffington
  John Washington
  Debbie Winskill



Our staff members manage the day-to-day operations of Tacoma Historical Society, insuring that our community of dedicated volunteers have the support they need to pursue the THS mission.


Director Kim Davenport
Museum Manager Beth Bestrom
Curator Brendan Balaam
Collection Manager Claire Keller-Scholz


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