Chronology of Confectioners in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington was one of a select few ideal locations for candy manufacturing in the United States due to the mild climate and the ready availability of shipping options. Although the importance of Tacoma's mild climate declined with the development of refrigerated rail cars or "reefers" in the 1920s, Tacoma has remained a hub of candy manufacturing.

Original research by Brendan Balaam in 2015, with additional content by Deb Freedman.

Name of Confectioner Year Founded Year Ended Key People & Info Addresses & Dates First Year Listed Significant Events
American Beverage & Candy191919261513 Pacific, then 1549 Broadway1925Fred Morisse, Former salesmen Tacoma Grocery
Archer's Olympic Store1927?1939?Roy P and Mary C Archer3817 South Yakima, later tavern & conf 1901 S KSite of Trang Dai Massacre 1998
Athanas, Nicola & Vicola191019121704 Commerce, then 910 Pacific1910Also sold cigars at 1524 Pacific
Ball Bros. Candy Co.19051906Irvin S Ball, brothers Samuel, Lacy, Bennett1008 Center, then 1915 Jefferson Avenue1906WWII started H & B Candy Company
Barto Ice Cream?1923 (?)?1922
Bergoust, John J.TNT 3/25/1947 A14 also Mngr. of Northwest Vinegar & Pickle Works.824 N M St.1901President of Stardiamond 1904
Bon Bon ConfectoneryHerman W BryerBriefly with Hoffman in 1892.
Bond Chocolate19231927John T. Bond2407 Pacific Ave.1925Married actress Norah DesLys, company changed to Bon-Des-Lys 1927.
Bottcher's Candy Service19341939 (?)William H. Bottcher 4005 6th Ave.1921 Commerce19371955 South J
Brown & Haley1914Still in OperationHarry L. Brown, Jon Clifford Haley, Fred T. Haley, Margaret Mae Haley TNT 3/26/54108-16 E. 26th St.1914Mountain Bar created 1916, Almond Roca created 1923.
Brown Bros.19061907756 So. D St.1906
Campbell, George E.18981900715 So. 11th St. (presently National Guard Armory)1900
Charley's Home Made Candy Co.19501951Charles Stroppe1211 South 56th?Feb 51 TNT says open 6mos, learned trade LA
Cox Candy Co.??4802 So. Yakima Ave.1932
Crescent Candy Co.19071913Orra B. Dewey (NPRR worker) TDL 1/1/1911 T. Times 1/3/17 Harold W. Dewey (son)952 Pacific Ave.1908
Curtis, Aaron H.19011903944 1/2 C St.1901
Darling, John D.1890 (?)18911511 So. Tacoma Ave.1891Picture in Green Timber pgs. 48-49.
Dasher, Davidson & Co.19011901Richard Dasher and Frank R. DavidsonFactory: 1715-17 Commerce, Salesroom: 1716-18 Pacific Ave.1901Dasher moved to Puyallup 1902, became a dentist
Davidson, Frank R.19011904Former miner, co-founder of Dasher, Davidson & Co.home 1508 So. G St.1901vp & Mgr Stardiamond 1903-1904, T Biscuit 1905, then real estate
DeLuxe Candy Mfg.19181920Torgerson & Miller2405-7 Pacific Ave.19191919 TNT 25 employees, billhead 1920
Demorest, Walter D.19351941T. Times 5/6/413317 N 29th St.1937Wholesale & jobber, likely just a salesman
Dewey Candy Co.19091916(?)Orra B. Dewey (NPRR worker) TDL 1/1/1911 T. Times 1/3/17 T. Times 2/10/16 Harold W. Dewey 904 & 952 Pacific Ave. (Wright Bldg.)1911
Diel, Fred F. & Co.1934?1710 So. K St.1937
Dillon & Davidson19021904MA Dillon and Frank Davidson1716-18 Pacific Ave.1908Props Stardiamond Candy Factory
Dorette Candy Factory19261957Harvey Kellogg TNT 3/6/48 A2 Dorothy Kellogg6643 S Union, then 8631 Tacoma Ave.1927Picture in Library Archives 1958
Fisher, L.S.190919263018 N 8th St.1922
Fonda, W. H.189118951107 Pacific Ave.1892
Fred Candy Co.19041911Fred Shumate of Rye, WN; Levi G. Kent, George L Kent1002 S. Tacoma Ave.1906Succeded by Kent Candy in 1912.
Fujii, T.190819091504 So. C St.1908
Garlick, Harry W.19131916909 So. E St.1914Retail outlet The Sugar Bowl.
Glaser Bros. Candy 19321936Sidney & Polack1113 A St.1936
H & B Candy Company19391949Irvin S Ball & Arthur Hinz2804 Sixth Avenue
Hamilton Candy Co.19231970John D. (3019 N 29th St.) TNT 8/31/52 pg. D2 John G. (3726 N 31st St.) TNT 12/27/782310 A, then 1501 Pacific, then 722 Ct. D. 2301 K St. (earlier)1925Long-time Tacoma Candy Manufacturer. John D. Hamilton learned the trade apprenticing at Brown & Hal
Harry Brown Confections1944?Harry L. Brown, Alvin Brown, Charles Brown1932 Pacific Ave.N/AIndependent company formed by Brown after Haley buy-out of B&H. Bought by Brown and Haley.
Hoffman & Bryer18921892Opened April 1, dissolved June 161108 Pacific Ave.1892Hoffman brief, Herman Bryer continued.
Hough, Willard D.18891889405 S 9th & 117 1/2 S 9th1889Returned to Indianapolis, married Oct 1892.
Humphrey's Assorted Chocolates19141927 Wm Edgar Humphrey908 Broadway, then factory 2919 Alaska1925First as Meadowmoor Dairy Store
Jens, Nichol(as?)189518971105 So. Tacoma Ave.1896
Johnson's Candy 1925(Unofficial) 1949Still in OperationRussell Johnson TNT 26 SEP 1997 A-1924 MLK Jr. Way?Started as an Ice Cream shop in 1925.
Josselyn, Benjamin W.19001904T. Times 1/17/39 Harry L. BrownFactory at 760 C, then 103 S 9th1900Harry L. Brown and magician Ray Gamble both worked as shop boys in Ben Josselyn's store.
Keeler, W.V.19011901952 C St.1901
Kent, Levi G.19091917Worked for the Fred Candy Co. for several years.902 So. Tacoma Ave. 1002 So. Tacoma Ave.1911
Klein, H.P.19071910313 So. 9th St.1908
Krummel, Ferdinand Ludwig190919151218 N. Prospect1911Clara & Ferdinand, 2317 S M, factory from residence 1914.
Layman & Kirk19111916Clarence M Layman, F R Kirk220 So. 25th St.1911
Loose, D.A.1905 (?)1907 (?)2422 Pacific Ave.1906
Mack's Candies & Bakeryaround 1922at least 1962Ernest McBreen, son Warren8402 & later 8518 South Tacoma Way
Marcoe's Candy Shop1930Still in OperationFloyd Marcoe, Dora Marcoe TDL 12/16/45 TNT 9/23/514110 So M, 4108 So. M St.1937Staple of the Puyallup Fair since 1930.
Mars Candy1911Still in OperationEthel V. Mars, Frank C. Mars 3312 N 27th St. TDL 11/2/19 B6 T. Times 4/9/34 TNT 2/14/931147 Tacoma Ave. So. (Lorenz Bldg.) 2919 So. Alaska St.To Minneapolis in 1917
MartinRalph Martin5440 S Union (Now S Tacoma Way)1919 expanding into next lot
McKee, W.W.18981905TNT 3/30/19201537 So. C St.1899
McNeil's Fine Candies19421959Cecil H McNeil 1942-1947, then Louis F Brentin6643 South Tacoma Way1951 TNT says sells to Bellingham & Grays Harbor
Middleton, Fred B.191619201103 1/2 So. K St. 802 So. J St.1917
Mott, C.A.189618971724 Pacific Ave.1896
Muehlenbruch, C.T.18911920Charles T Muehlenbruch, died 1934821 Yakima Ave. So. 953 So. Tacoma Ave. 1111 So. Tacoma Way1893Apprenticed with Bunte Brothers, Chicago
Nakagawa K. 191319151354 So. D St.1914
Oriole Candy Co.19071913Harry L. Brown TNT 12/7/491908Absorbed into Brown & Haley 1914.
Packer's Candy?1935 (?)2010 6th Ave.1932
Paradise Confectioners903 Broadway1951 TNT says small shops
Pendleton Webster18971900823 So. Yakima Ave.1900
Pheasant913 Broadway1919 7 employees
Portland Cracker Co.189618971731 Railroad St.1896
Puget Sound Candy Co.19121921TDL 4/25/20 E10919 So. Yakima Ave.1914Ad in 1911 Times, 220-222 25th St
Puget Sound Candy Factory1891 (?)1892953 So. Tacoma Ave.1892
Purity Candy Co.190519071311 Tacoma Ave.1906
Quality Candy192119231115 St. Paul St.1922
Rice, John Conrad??TNT 11/10/47 pg. 162003 E 35th St.1932
Shaver, R.M.18901892NE Corner of So.11th St. & O St.1891
Smith, "Old Pop"19001905Possibly same person as C.E. Smith.1146 Pacific in 1903 and 19041900Known for distributing hand-made toffee to kids for free on Pacific Ave.
Smith, C.E.18951899952 Pacific Ave. 1001 1/2 Pacific Ave.1896
Spencer & Co.??Possibly run by Stephen L. Spencer.1313 Tacoma Ave. N1919
Spencer, Stephen L.19151918Noted Kiwanian TDL 7/21/18 B5705 N G St.1917
Stardiamond Candy Co.18991905John J. Bergoust, Frank R. Davidson, and Louis Streeter all employed here at some point.1716-18-20 Pacific Ave. (Russell T. Joy Bldg.)1900Property loss in 1903 fire. 1904 1724-26 Pacific. Later bought out by Wiegel Candy Co.
Stokes Candy19281934Arthur Outouse2010 6th Ave.1932earlier at 608 N Oakes
Streeter, Louis19041904sec/treas 1904. 1905 TB&Chome 906 N St., then 808 Ainsworth1904Mngr. / V.P. of Stardiamond 1904
Superior Candy192019242407 Pacific Ave.1922
Tacoma Biscuit & Candy Co.19041931Major employer in Tacoma. 2421 E. F St.1914Bought out by Nabisco 1931. TPL says built bldg 17th & Jefferson 1904.
Tacoma Candy & Cracker?19071912 Jefferson St.1906
The Palm19071914944 Pacific Ave.1908Bought out by Brown & Haley.
Triangle Confectionery1916 (?)1919 (?)204 No. K St.1917
Wallerstein, Louis / Pioneer Candy Co.18811897TDL 3/29/1890946 Pacific Ave.1889Earliest known candy company in Tacoma.
Ward Candy19261929 (?)1108 So. 11th St.1928
Wayno, Frank192719283738 S Sheridan1927Candy maker since 1914.
Western Candy Company1909Clarence M Layman, F R Kirk2408 Pacific
Widmaier C.A.189318951105 Pacific Ave.1893
Wiegel Candy Co.18901937Andrew J. Wiegel 4622 N Verde St. TNT 3/30/1920 Walter J. Wiegel TNT 12/9/641722 Pacific Ave. (Russell T. Joy Bldg.) 1922 Pacific Ave.1890Water damage in 1903 fire. Moved Bought out Stardiamond.
Willoughby Conf Co1951Wm & Kenneth Willoughby, father & son306 E 26th1951 TNT says first year, crew of 6.
Wilson Bros. Candy19231934 624 Trafton St. 1925
Worden & Murray19241927622 St. Helens1925
Worden & Smith Co.19191923Same Worden as above.1111 So. Tacoma Ave.1922