In Memoriam: Dr. Ron Magden

Posted: Jan 04, 2019

It is with a deep sense of sadness and loss that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Ron Magden, local historian, educator, and author. He was 92.

Ron was a longtime friend, and former president, of Tacoma Historical Society, contributing his expertise to our organization in countless vital ways over many years: as a speaker, author, member of our collections committee, and as the donor of a wide array of artifacts to our collection.

He was a member of the Tacoma Community College faculty from the school's opening, worked closely with the Japanese community in Pierce County interned after the Pearl Harbor bombing, and was the definitive historian of Tacoma Longshore unionism.

He made significant contributions to local history through his research, writing, and presentations throughout the community.

Learn more about Ron's work, and view an oral history interview with him, on the Ronald Magden Archive website at the University of Washington.

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